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Art that will blow your mind away!

Japanese artist Takanori Aiba combines ‘bonsai art from with Lilliputian architecture design’ to create unique and stunning art pieces. Aiba’s designs are not inspired by real structures. Instead, his creations are all apart of his imagination. Because the details of his work are so realistic, many people tend to think that he copies the designs of real buildings. According to Aiba, each piece is so complex and detailed that it takes him anywhere from three months to a year and a half to complete.

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The video above shows the making of “Hero" by artist Miguel Endara. The work is a portrait of Endara’s father and is composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots using a Faber-Castell F, micron 0.005 pen. Endara is known for using the stippling and pointillism technique in his works. After 210 hours of attention to detail, Endara has successfully created a revolutionary and remarkable piece of work.

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A Perspective on Male Masculinity

Andrew Salgado experiments with colors and variation in strokes to create a unique perspective in male masculinity. Salgado investigates the correlation between the concept of masculinity and the properties of paint. His works are complex, in that they seek to demonstrate "a dialogue of sexuality, identity, and a confrontation of the conceptual understanding of self/other." Salgado has a solo show at the Tache Gallery in New York through November 12.

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