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Visual Intoxication

Polish artist Alexandra Pacula’s is known for creating oil paintings of urban scenes. The paintings demonstrate her love of the nightlife and the breathtaking envrionments across cities. According to her website, Pacula believes that there is a struggle to achieve greater levels of enjoyment in our seemingly content society. She believes that 'we explore various environments and activities in search of pleasure. Extravagant lights of night enviornments seduce us to participate in curious events, enticing us to experience new forms of satisfaction.' In Pacula’s paintings, the depicted scenes capture those spectacular moments that ignites our curiosity. As you can see from Pacula’s work, she does a superb job recreating the 'feeling of dizziness and confusion by letting the paint blur and allowing shapes to dissolve.' The paintings shown above does a good job reflecting the perspective of an individual wandering around a city at night.

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Surrealism Presented By Pauline Jones

Perhaps a lake

Where will you lead me

Colorful tornado 

Old bones


Jones seeks to show deep parts of the human soul in a less dark fashion. All of her works feature bright colors and resemble abstract parts of the human body. She has also formed collaborations with other artists such as poets. For more informatin on this artist please visit