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David Lozeau

"Under the Islander Influence"

Detail is King, and this has allowed David Lozeau to earn numerous awards in multiple art exhibitions today. His work might appear strange to many, but it is the crazy characters and the attention to detail that makes his work stand out. The video above showcases one of Lozeau’s work and the tedious process he goes through in his paintings. The video is compressed from 50 hours of work down to 4 minutes that shows the layering process, along with the use of a fine-thin brush to outline his illustrations.

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Eric Joisel and Paper Musicians

Each instrument was made with a single sheet of paper.

Paper, paint, and glue are the only things that compose his sculptures.

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. However, labeling Eric Joisel’s work as origami is a misnomer.  Origami traditionally focuses on folding one piece of paper in geometrical shapes. Joisel goes above and beyond this simplicity. Like any masterpiece, before shaping can begin an idea must be born. In this case, outlines are more than five years in the making. Even after a piece has been conceptualized nothing is set in stone. During the creation process, nimble figures change folds as boldly and precisely as a painter strokes his or her brush.

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